Chelsea Briggs, the host of Hollywire TV, chose Megan & Liz as her Monday Music Crush a while back. She explains (in an extremely hyper manner) why Megan & Liz are awesome. I mean, as if you guys didn’t know already haha. 

In case you need a refresher on why you should love Megan & Liz (I laughed while typing that, but still), here are her reasons:

(1) They’re twins (2) They rule YouTube (3) Their new single is awesome (4) They’re fantastic role modes (5) They are adorable!

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If anybody needs to be cheered up.

found this gem in the #ohholynight tag xo

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Throwback to some old Megan & Liz originals today - this is “12 Months Ago” (which I think is most people’s favorite unreleased song from these two haha). This song is so beautiful, but seeing how hurt and heartbroken Megan during the whole song is hard to watch. Regardless, the writing on this song is phenomenal and Megan’s voice at the end gives me chills every time.

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